Same Day Crowns

Get a Permanent Crown in Just 1 Visit

Dr. Mitchell and team are proud to offer you a NEW time saving service. We can now create high quality ceramic crowns in our office while you wait. You can have a beautiful new tooth with just one visit to Dr. Mitchell!

Benefits of Same Day Crowns:

  • Most teeth can be fixed in one visit
  • No need to put that bad tasting impression material in your mouth
  • Ability to save as much of your natural tooth as possible
  • Strong and long lasting – most last over 10 years
  • Crowns are colored to match the rest of your teeth
  • Metal-Free

No Need for a Temporary Crown

In the past you had to wear a temporary crown while you waited for your real crown to be made. These temporary crowns were weaker and did not last as long as real crowns. There was always the chance that they would break or fall off leaving you with a broken tooth again.

With Dr. Mitchell’s Same Day Crowns you will not have to wear a temporary crown. When you visit Dr. Mitchell to have a tooth fixed you will leave that same day with a strong, permanent new tooth.