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Affordable Cosmetic Dentures

Now Available in Tucson

Superior materials, time, and craftsmanship make Custom Dynamic Dentures look and feel like real teeth. Dr. Brian Mitchell is the only dentist in Tucson who has the training and experience to make these luxury dentures.

Custom Dynamic Dentures:

  • Look like real, natural teeth
  • Are colored by hand to match your natural tooth and gum color
  • Every tooth is sized and shaped to compliment your face
  • Provide support that helps lift up the face
  • Smooth wrinkles around the mouth
  • Allow you to speak easily
  • Let you eat your favorite foods
  • Can be held in place using implants. No denture creams needed!

Before and after dentures in Tucson, Arizona

Missing Teeth?

Over 36 million Americans are missing teeth. Dentures are one way of replacing them. Implants are an option, but if you are missing a lot of teeth implants may be too expensive. Dentures are the most popular solution for missing teeth. Dentures today are better than ever and some dentists are specially trained to produce the highest quality dentures possible.

Good News for Denture Wearers

Dr. Mitchell is one of the few dentists in Arizona trained by Dr. Walter Turbyfill, the World’s #1 Expert on dentures. Dr. Turbyfill is best known for creating the Turbyfill Denture Technique. This technique allows Dr. Mitchell to create dentures that look exactly like real teeth, are extremely comfortable, and never fall out. Dr. Mitchell calls these Custom Dynamic Dentures.

A New Type of Denture

Custom Dynamic Dentures look real. The most common complaint about dentures is that they look fake. People who wear dentures often worry others will notice and think differently about them. Denture wearers may smile and laugh less because they don’t like how they look.

Custom Dynamic Dentures are the most life-like dentures available. Superior materials and Dr. Mitchell’s skill make sure that your Custom Dynamic Dentures do not look like they were mass produced at a factory.

Speak Easily

Denture wearers sometimes complain that they cannot speak well. Poor fitting dentures can cause people to make whistling sounds or speak with a lisp. Dentures that are poorly made can make clicking, clacking or smacking sounds.

You will have no problems speaking with Custom Dynamic Dentures. Custom Dynamic Dentures are lighter, fit better, and are less bulky than regular dentures. Custom Dynamic Dentures leave room in the mouth for the tongue to work.

Eat Well

Denture wearers sometimes complain that it is hard to chew food with their dentures. They end up eating softer foods. Sometimes denture wearers must stop eating their favorite foods altogether.

Custom Dynamic Dentures held in place with implants allow you to bite down harder than dentures held in place with adhesives. This makes it easier to eat food. Custom Dynamic Dentures secured with implants transfer strength from the jaw bone and not from soft gum tissue alone.

These Dentures Stay Put

Some people live in fear that their dentures will fall out in public. Poorly fitting dentures can drop out just from laughing, sneezing, or coughing. Most denture wearers have to use messy and expensive adhesives to keep their dentures in place.

There are different ways to keep your Custom Dynamic Dentures secure in your mouth without adhesives. Dr. Mitchell can discuss all the different options with you when you visit the office for a consultation.

Custom Dynamic Dentures look goodTurby dentures in Tucson, Arizona

  • Custom Dynamic Dentures are designed to look as natural as possible.
  • Custom Dynamic Dentures teeth are porcelain. This ultra-long lasting material will not stain, and is more attractive than the plastic used in other dentures.
  • Each tooth of the Custom Dynamic Dentures is chosen by Dr. Mitchell to match the width and height of your face. The teeth of your dentures will be the perfect size.
  • The shape of each tooth (oval, square, or tapered) will be chosen by Dr. Mitchell to create the most beautiful smile possible.
  • Every tooth will have details like texture, whiteness shading, brightness, and cosmetic gaps.
  • The dentures are artistically colored by Dr. Mitchell to look like clean teeth and healthy gums.
  • Dr. Mitchell makes these choices with you to make sure you get exactly what you want.

The Perfect Fit

Custom Dynamic Dentures use a trial set of dentures during a fitting process. Before your final set of Custom Dynamic Dentures are made, you wear a denture that can be adjusted over time. You wear these dentures as you go about your normal life then tell Dr. Mitchell if anything bothers you.

Trial dentures allow Dr. Mitchell to know exactly how the final Custom Dynamic Dentures set should be made to perfectly fit your mouth. No other denture system uses a trial set of dentures to work out all problems and ensure a perfect fit.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

All comfort issues that you have will be worked out before the final set of Custom Dynamic Dentures are made. The trial dentures are worn until you are completely satisfied with your denture’s comfort and performance. When your final set of Custom Dynamic Dentures are made you keep the trial dentures as a spare.

Live life with Custom Dynamic Dentures

If you think you may need dentures, or are frustrated with the dentures you have, set up a free consultation with Dr. Mitchell.



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