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First Time Visit

What to expect at your first visit?

We feel that your very first visit sets the stage for ongoing quality oral health care.  This visit is vitally important as it sets a baseline where we can custom Tailor a care plan that works for your individual oral health.  Expect 1 full hour for this visit.  After taking a thorough medical and dental history we will take any necessary xrays, intraoral photos and a dental scan of your teeth to aid us in properly diagnosing. 
Dr. Mitchell will then conduct a thorough TMJ (jaw joint) analysis, oral cancer screening, orthodontic evaluation and periodontal evaluation where he will evaluate gum tissue health and jaw bone quality.  He will then do a thorough exam of your teeth and bite.  Gathering all this information is necessary to create a custom dental plan for you ensuring the long-term preservation of your teeth and smile.

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