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Dental Implants

Experience the pinnacle of precision and comfort with Dr. Brian Mitchell & Associates Dental Implant service, seamlessly integrating computer-guided surgery and cutting-edge 3D X-ray technology. Our commitment to excellence ensures the accurate and meticulous placement of implants for superior results.
Harnessing the power of 3D Imaging Technology, Dr. Brian Mitchell & Associates employ a sophisticated approach, allowing him to navigate the intricacies of implant placement with unprecedented accuracy. This advanced system surpasses traditional “free-hand” methods, delivering outcomes that are not just precise but also aesthetically superior.
How does it work, you ask? A state-of-the-art “conebeam” X-ray machine captures three-dimensional images of your mouth. Utilizing specialized computer software, Dr. Brian Mitchell & Associates virtually place your implant, envisioning the cosmetic results in advance. Once satisfied with the digital representation of your improved smile, he employs 3D printing to craft a surgical guide. This guide serves as a blueprint for implant placement, ensuring an impeccably precise procedure.
Dr. Mitchell shares, “My Dental Implant System has transformed the implant process into a nearly painless experience. Patients often express surprise at the speed and ease with which implants are placed using this groundbreaking technology.”
Elevate your dental implant experience with the expertise of Dr. Brian Mitchell & Associates—where innovation meets compassionate care. Contact us to explore a new dimension of dental precision and comfort.

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