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Preventative Dentistry

Experience the next level of dental care at Dr. Brian Mitchell & Associates. During your visit, Dr. Mitchell will conduct a thorough examination, addressing decay, gum disease, and more, with an eye for details like receding gums and emerging wisdom teeth.
For a more comprehensive analysis, Dr. Mitchell may recommend advanced X-ray technology to uncover any underlying issues in your gums, bone, or tooth roots. Following this, our skilled hygienists will leave your teeth feeling fresh and rejuvenated.
But it’s not just about health – your visit is an opportunity to discuss any smile enhancements you may have in mind. It’s a personalized experience tailored to your individual needs.
Elevate your dental journey with Dr. Brian Mitchell & Associates. Schedule your checkup today and let our welcoming team guide you toward a healthier and more confident smile.
Dr. Brian Mitchell & Associates will check the overall health of your mouth. He will check for signs of decay, gum disease, periodontal disease, oral cancer, and TMJ. Dr. Brian Mitchell & Associates will check for receding gums, erupting wisdom teeth, or cavities. X-Rays will be taken of your mouth, if recommended by Dr. Mitchell, to spot problems in the gum, bone, or roots of the teeth. One of Dr. Mitchell’s hygienists will clean your teeth after Dr. Mitchell sees you.


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