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The Dangers of (Do It Yourself Mail Order Aligners)

There are some things in life you should not try to do yourself. When it comes to dental care, especially aligning your teeth, it is wise to use a qualified orthodontist.

It may be tempting to order teeth aligners from mail-order companies, but you will be much better served by visiting a dental professional.

“Dentists have told the BBC that people ordering clear braces or ‘aligners’ …online may be unaware of the harm they can cause…One man said aligners weakened his front teeth, leaving him unable to bite into an apple.”1

Many of the do-it-yourself teeth alignment companies have come under scrutiny and have had many complaints about their mail-order teeth straightening products. “Major medical organizations like the American Dental Association and the American Association of Orthodontists have alleged that Smile Direct Club puts patients in danger and is practicing medicine illegally. They have filed complaints with the FTC, FDA, and at least 36 state boards. SmileDirectClub’s practices have earned it over 1,200 Better Business Bureau complaints in just 5 years as a company.”2

The dangers of using mail-order aligners range from the possibility of making existing dental issues worse or creating entirely new problems to simply not being effective. Some consumers have complained about the braces they have ordered online not working, noticing no difference in the shape of their teeth. It is important to have your progress monitored by an orthodontist.

“In traditional dentistry, train-track braces and clear aligners are fitted by dentists and orthodontists themselves, or a trained orthodontic therapist, after an in-person consultation. The health of the hard and soft tissues of the mouth, the teeth and gums, and whether the roots of the teeth can sustain movement, are some of the factors dentists consider. X-rays are instrumental in this process. Once someone starts wearing braces, regular appointments allow dentists to monitor how teeth are moving and to spot and address complications.”3

Dr. Brian Mitchell, located in Tucson, is a qualified expert in Invisalign aligners and will provide you with a free Invisalign consultation to develop your exclusive treatment plans.

“Invisalign is a way to straighten teeth without metal braces, said Dr. Mitchell. “We will make a clear mouthpiece or tray for you that will straighten your teeth over time. These trays are removable so you can brush and eat normally.”

The Invisalign treatment is also affordable with payment options offered by Dr. Mitchell.

The first step for exploring getting affordable braces in Tucson is to set up an appointment with Dr. Mitchell one of the best orthodontists Tucson has to offer. To request an appointment, visit or call (520) 881-6767.


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