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X-Rays help Dr. Mitchell spot disease or injuries in the mouth. During a checkup Dr. Brian Mitchell & Associates may suggest that you have X-rays taken to better assess the health of your mouth. X-rays will not be taken without good reason.

Benefits of X-Rays

  • View teeth that have not come out yet
  • Spot even the smallest cavities
  • Detect bone damage

What Are The Risks Of Exposure To Radiation?

Modern X-Ray equipment allows good X-rays to be taken with less radiation exposure than ever before. You are exposed to more radiation on an airplane flight than you would get from a full set of mouth X-rays.
As an extra precaution Dr. Mitchell has all patients wear a lead apron to protect the vital organs from exposure to X-rays. Dr. Brian Mitchell & Associates also go a step further by requiring all patients to wear a collar attached to the apron that protects the neck from radiation.

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